Phoebe composes your perfume through a personal appointment. The meeting of approximately one hour is meant to be a true course of Perfume-therapy where you will follow your instinct in search of Primary smells that will delight your nose. Sample some of the world’s precious essences, which are combined to make the ultimate luxury gift.

A selection of essences from four ‘families’ are introduced and discussed comprising of:-

Floral Notes | Woody Notes | Oriental Notes | Fresh Notes

The client is encouraged to not only highlight the notes, which they have a preference to, but also to eliminate this not so appealing. This way Phoebe can begin to construct the top, middle and base notes for the client’s custom made Fragrance.

On the second meeting, three sample variations of the perfume are presented for the client to choose from.


The chosen scent is custom packaged in the client’s favourite colour ribbon and box with their name hand engraved on the bottle.

Time and Cost

The cost of the service is £800.00 and it takes approximately 1 month to create the scent depending on the complexity of the formula.Refills are available at £68.00 for a 100ml bottle.



Orange Flower

Oak Moss Abs

Jasmin Absolute

Rose Abs Maroc

Bergamot Oil

Lime Oil

Tonka Bean Abs

Ambergris (Syn)

Clove Bud Oil

Lavender Abs

Sandalwood Oil

Schinus Molle Oil

Vanilla Abs

Vetivert Oil

Violet Leaf Abs