Bespoke fragrances by expert perfumer
Phoebe Manners

Phoebe Manners was first introduced to the world of perfume as a child. With her family, she fondly remembers growing, harvesting and distilling sack loads of fragrant plants and roots for delivery to a cooper still where it was used to create aromatic oils for fragrance creation.

At school, Phoebe learnt to play the violin and finds the analogy between the art of composing music and the creation of a perfume obvious – both begin with key ‘Notes’ and ‘Accords’.

What began as a passion became a desire to study formally at the only course in the country available at degree level. It was at the Congress de Parfum, Cannes, that phoebe met her Mentor – The French Perfumer, Guy Robert, whose work is world renowned. It was a chance in a life time and she went to work for him in Provence at his alchemist’s lab filled with the results of over fifty years of intense study into fragrance formulation. On completion of the apprenticeship, Phoebe returned to work in the industry and in 2002 Phoebe Manners Fragrances was founded.